family Camping Tent How to install a family tent

How to install a family tent

The first step in installing a family tent is the most important for it determines it’s stability as well as how the tent will look from the outside. This is identifying the most suitable location considering how flat the surface is.

The best site for a tent is on a dry, flat surface. Check to ensure the surface you are to set up the tent is free from thorns, long grass, stones and away from the fireplace for safety. After identifying the location, get the contents in the tent bag out then sort them out placing each part of the tent in a distinct place so as to ease your work when assembling them checking to ensure that all the parts that includes the tent body, fly, tent pole lines are intact.

Thereafter, roll over the tent on flat ground that you want to have your tent checking the door to the tent then have the door direction on the side you would want to conveniently be the entry as well as the exit point. The next step is getting the poles sections carefully together, do this for all the poles. If your tent has pole clips, get the end of the poles into the grommet starting with each side on the tent. Thereafter, bend your tent’s poles to get an arc towards the middle as you secure them on that side of tent as you did on the other.

From the bottom of each pole, start to work your way up the pole while attaching the pole to each clip so as to raise the tent body to secure it On the other hand, slide the pole into the sleeve on one side of the tent then do the same on the remaining side if your tent has sleeves. Next, peg the tent at a 45 degree angle into the ground to keep it firmly grounded to have the pegging resist windy conditions that may come up as you camp.

The last step is placing tent’s fly over it then attach it to the poles at the ground end of the tent. This serves to keep your family camping tent dry as a precaution for bad weather. When done, you can then get your family’s bedding into the tent.

At this point, the tent will be ready for use Always keep the tent zipped up to keep bugs where they belong. Happy tenting!…

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